Facebook conversion tracking

Facebook conversion tracking tool is a potential boom for businesses, advertisers and online marketers. It will also cut the advertising cost. To learn more, contact our Melbourne digital marketing agency.

To measure the ROI of your Facebook Ads campaign, you could now use Facebook’s own conversion tracking tool. As an advertiser you can “create pixels” that will track conversions (actions, such as registering or buying, taken by a visitor on your website). With Facebook conversion tracking, you could also leverage optimised CPM (Cost-Per-Impression) in order to show ads to those who are likely to convert off Facebook.

Conversion optimisation

What beta tests have found is that the cost per conversion was reduced by 40% when conversion measurement is used with oCPM (Optimised Cost-Per-Impression). This means you could save 40% of what you would spend on your CPC ads.

A screenshot of the tool was provided by a blog inside Facebook that closely follows it. According to the screenshot, the “Conversion Tracking” would be just below “campaign, pricing and schedule” details.

Facebook also released 2 case study examples that boast increased conversions Facebook ad generated. This means a progress step for performance marketers. Technology that provides more transparency to advertisers is what we should foster. Both marketers and advertisers will get smarter with the way they will launch and manage campaigns and will eventually demand more performance metrics. This will be a giant leap forward in the online advertising economy.

The only limitation that Facebook conversion tracking will have is the fact the reporting will remain inside Facebook. Today’s marketers look for ways that consolidate all the publisher and advertising relationships in one single place for the sake of value comparison and analysis. Enterprise organizations and big corporations need to settle this spend with their distribution partners, although this tool might turn out excellent for SMB’s (small to medium businesses).
You can use conversion optimisation and measurement on any Facebook advertisement and sponsored stories. Also, the tool will report when a visitor views an advert on a device but converts to another; currently, this is the only tool that does it.

A much-needed addition to help marketers and advertisers, Facebook conversion tracking lets you understand users’ interaction with your website when they leave Facebook. You can now fine tune your advertising campaigns and target users more accurately with the help of Facebook conversion tracking. For more information head to the Facebook help centre.

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