Many businesses don’t utilise social media nearly enough. Most will set up their profiles, but the majority won’t update them regularly, which will make them pretty ineffective. This infographic from Colourfast looks at how businesses can use it more effectively to win customers over.

A staggering 74% of customers use social media to guide their purchasing decisions, so it’s not surprising that social media can play an important role in driving brand awareness. Customers will often look at social profiles for word-of-mouth referrals. Research has also shown that social media can drive people to make purchases in-store. Remember that your social media shouldn’t just be third-party link after third party link and you must keep in mind that you should also post some content about your store.

It’s also important to create a cohesive message between the social media and in-store experience. There is not much point of being engaging online if the in-store experience doesn’t have the same energy.

Check out the full infographic for a more in-depth analysis, and actionable tips that will help drive your business towards the future.

infographic: how to use social media to boost in store sales

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