Videos weren’t that popular until they started to appear as one of the most commonly searched items on Google. Now videos are the most preferred means to gain information from things as small as DIYs and as big as whole study courses; everyone prefers to see a video.

Videos tend to provide live content, and you can see demonstrations. Anything from tying your shoelace to learning something quite informative, video works as the best tool. Anything can be done, and anything can be determined.

It Boosts Conversions and Sales

The first reason that you should use videos for your brand is that it can cause a severe boost in your profits. Adding a video on your page can increase conversions by up to 80%. Videos are directly proportional to sales within a marketing strategy. A video can convince a person to buy a specific product 75% more efficiently than any written content. This is mainly because the most dominant sense of human beings is their sense of sight. The visual image is more likely to convince the customer and ensure customer loyalty. When the customer gets a visible image of the person who is selling the product, there is a higher chance to get them to buy the product.

Great ROI

Creating video content might seem like a large investment, however, it can return twice your initial investment in a small amount of time. Plus, the originality of your video will go a long way in making your product stand out in the market.

Trust Building

Trust is essential in any relationship. The same is the case for your clients. The customer needs to trust you, and your product and videos can develop trust more than any written content. The marketing strategist focuses on trust the most. It awakens emotions and engages clients in a way that ensures your message is ingrained in their minds, ultimately turning a viewer into a loyal customer.

Nowadays, the most popular and trusted people are YouTubers. They mostly share every detail of their lives with their viewers; they practically live their lives online. If you want to promote something, then they are the most potent social media figures to go to. They have also been named as the most significant youth influencers in 2017. A primary reason people do not buy things online is that looking at a picture and reading a description is not that personal. 54% of customers that bought stuff online later answered in a marketing study that, looking at a video they could see every aspect of the product, looking at a picture and looking at a video is different. Videos give the customer more confidence to buy the product.

Google Prefers Videos

By watching a video on your site, the customer spends more time watching the content than he regularly would while reading it. This lower bounce rate will also be more highly regarded by Google, who will count this as a trust and authority signal. The chances of this happening are 53% times more if you have a video on your site. Since Google has become the owner of YouTube, the video content tends to grow more and more popular. The catchier your click bait is, the more likely you are to increase viewership and customers.

Video Content Appeals to Mobile Users

Mobile users are more likely to watch videos. How many times have you read a PDF on your mobile? Not much, I’m sure. But how many times have you watched a video? Regardless of the content and subject matter, people are more likely to watch a video on their phone than they are t download and read a PDF. In a middle of a game on, in the middle of a movie, willingly or unwillingly, with interest in the product or what you’ll get after watching the video, people more likely to click on a video than written content.

Provide Detailed Explanations

No matter how many written emails you send or brochures you print for people to read they are more likely to buy the product that can give a detailed explanation in a less amount of time. It is proven you can say more things in 3 minutes than the other person can read. You can give a brief introduction, and still have a minute and a half left for a small interview with a satisfied customer.

Since live videos have taken hype, you can also use them to increase your profit rates. If the customer can talk to you anytime they want and solve their queries regarding the product and can trust you so the purchases will be increased instantly. Although, live chats tend to do the same thing they still do not seem to have the same effect that visual assurance on a Skype call can have.

As a popular marketing tool, with proven results, there’s no time like the present to delve into the world of video marketing. Talk to the team at Webfirm Melbourne about how video can be incorporated into your current digital strategy.

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