Why is this important?

Your shopfront and website give your consumers an important first impression. Online, that first impression can mean the difference between a 1 second visit and someone buying from you.

64% of affluent app users say they view brands with mobile apps more favourablyWith mobile phone web browsing rapidly growing, are you optimised for mobile phones to ensure you win and retain your mobile customers?

Latest reports estimate that mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search by 2016, but those mobile visitors will be seeing your desktop site unless you do something about it.

Webfirm have developed two solutions to get you optimised for mobile, quickly and efficiently.

Option 1: Purpose Built Mobile Website

  • The mobile website is purpose built with mobile phone users in mind
  • A skin is custom designed to suit your business’s colour scheme
  • Easy ‘Touch to Call’ button makes it very easy to call you
  • Easy ‘Find us on Google Maps’ button make it very easy to find you
  • Mobile site looks like an iPhone app
  • Your existing website content is formatted to fit the app style
  • Users on mobile devices are automatically redirected to the mobile site when they visit your main website on a mobile device
  • Example: Load either www.trunktown.com.au or www.concreteequipment.com.au into your mobile phone browser.

Comparison between a website and it's jQuery Mobile counterpart


Option 2: ‘Responsive’ Mobile Optimisation

  • The website is optimised to automatically re-arrange itself for easier viewing on small screens when a small screen is detected
  • Very fast way to get your website working on mobile phones
  • No need to worry about having multiple versions of the website to update
  • Quick and easy, includes project management
  • Example: Load the www.ballajuravet.com.au or www.webfirm.com into your mobile phone browser.

Demonstration of the same website with responsive CSS installed and without


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