Hosting. Speed. Is. Good.

The world has changed. No longer are consumers willing to wait longer than they have to in order to get the information they need.

Website hosting speed, sometimes referred to as ‘web performance’ refers to how quickly a web browser is able to load fully functional web pages from given domains. Poorly performing web sites that render pages and images slowly in a browser can drive users away. Conversely, sites that load quickly will typically receive more hosting traffic and have better conversion rates.

[DID YOU KNOW?] Approximately 40% of users will leave your site if they are made to wait more than 3 seconds.. Think of the revenue you might be losing with a slow website!

Still not convinced you need rapid domain site-speed? Here’s a few more reasons why it’s of vital importance:

  • Slow web sites will decrease your conversion rate
  • Speed is an important UX (user experience) consideration
  • Customers expect a speedy web site, especially with more and more users visiting from mobile devices
  • Fast loading makes a lasting impression
  • Images have become a huge part of all web page experiences, but using up to date image serving formats is critical to getting servers delivering pages at the speed people expect of your business.

We’re experts in getting your website hosting infrastructure up to speed with WordPress content management systems. Our method?

  • Choosing top class page, stylesheet and images caching and minification plugins for your web site, and then nailing the configuration
  • Web page speed is so important as a Google SEO ranking factor, it’s not something you can afford to leave to DIY web hosting providers
  • It’s super important to prevent your valuable visitors from jumping back to the search engine results rather than waiting for your site and images to load
  • If your site services clients around the world you could employ our optional Content Delivery Network with hosting by AWS, so all your clients around the globe can enjoy a fast experience
General Manager Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones

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