SEO is the fuel that steers the online visibility of a website/blog in the right direction. Businesses vying for a prominent online presence are well aware of its significance. Now speaking of online visibility, generating a steady surge of traffic serves as the lifeline for any website.

Generating considerable traffic on your website will further open up many avenues in areas like sales and marketing for a business. Wondering how you can increase the number of visitors to your site with the assistance of SEO? Read on to find out!

Take a clear and intuitive approach while developing the website

The way you design your website is essential for both your visitors and SEO. Search engines analyze a link structure to determine and index the web pages. If your site is appropriately organized, all the pages will be found and indexed by the crawlers easily.

Also, an intuitive navigation system is what you should focus on while organizing your website design. This will help the visitors to find what they came looking for in a limited time. Also, remember the cardinal rule, i.e. any details on a website should be easily accessible for a consumer with no more than three clicks.

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Prepare supreme quality content that’s backed by relevant keywords

There has been considerable emphasis on valuable and high-quality content and its impact on your website traffic in many businesses. So, you should come up with ways to post relevant content on your website at regular intervals.

Also, it would be wise if you could include 2-3 new articles on your website related to your specific niche. But before writing the content, you should carry out proper keyword research around a particular keyword that you want to target through that post.

You can use Google keyword planner while conducting the keyword research or you can adopt any other efficient keyword research tool. Your objective is to come up with the best keywords that have low competition. This way, you will be able to attract more traffic from the search engines on the basis of your keywords.

Present simple and sweet title-tag for every page of your website

A title tag elucidates on what your area is all about. This is the sentence which will appear in different places, like the social media, SERPs, external pages, and in browsers.

It should come across as attractive, short and unique to your target audience. This means you should speak their language and describe your services in a way that appeals to your visitors.

Pay attention to the ALT attributes

Even though the search engines don’t read the images, they crawl through the ALT text. You should present an ALT attribute to allow the web crawlers to better understand the meaning of any particular image and its significance. In this case, it’s always best to include key phrases to describe the images on the webpage.

Also, it’s wise to place keywords in the text that surrounds the pictures. So, the crawlers will understand that this section of a post is specifically important for readers.

Whatever CMS (content management system) you’ve adopted, every time you include a picture in your website content or blog, you will have a chance to optimize it with the relevant keywords.

Include location-specific keywords

Using focused key phrases on your website and your business will draw in a volume of local searches and local clients. For example, if you offer academic assistance to students and your business is based in Sydney, then it’s best to let your potential customers present a relevant keyword for the visitors such as assignment help.

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Create an effective Link Building Strategy

Merge your content marketing strategy with the link building strategy. Clearly determine how you will be creating high-quality links through the outreach process and also combine the process with your content strategy.

Over the last couple of years, the process of link building has seen a major transformation. In today’s competitive market, if you want your website to generate more traffic and rank higher on the SERPs, then you have to get creative with your link building.

Prepare guest posts generously

Writing guest posts for the distinguished websites on your specific niche is a great idea. You should prepare a detailed list of the notable websites or blogs on your niche and reach them out with the request to contribute guest posts on their blogs or sites.

In this case, make sure to prepare a high-quality guest post matching the niche of the sites you’ve approached and follow the guidelines provided by the site owners.

Once your guest post is published, you should share it across every social media platforms and entertain the comments that you get on your guest post. This way you will get a multitude of additional benefits aside from a boost in the traffic.

Repurpose the previously written content and keep it updated

This technique is directly contradictory to a popular (but not so effective) “publish content frequently” phenomenon.

What’s the point of posting a piece of writing on your blog/site if it fails to garner traffic?

So, you must find the pages on your website that have already generated a substantial amount of traffic and see whether they can be modified and enhanced, which will result in the growth of your website traffic.

Insert keywords in headings, subheadings and anchor texts

Key phrases that you include in your content should be hard-hitting for your SEO strategy. Within the structure of the content, the best places to incorporate your keywords are headlines, subheadings, and anchor texts.

When describing the links, you must never use the term “click here”, since it doesn’t provide any information about what can be found within a specific link to a page. Other than that, you will also miss the chance to optimize a text link.

Interview the influencers in your niche

Interviewing the micro-influencers or notable figures in your industry can generate massive traffic to your sites almost instantly.

If you optimize those interviews with the experts by including the right set of keywords, you can garner a humongous number of traffic from search engines constantly because the target consumers are keen to listen to what the influencers recommend. So, you can leverage these interviews to gain more search engine traffic to your sites.

In a nutshell,

To ensure a steady surge of visitors on your website, all the ideas that have been discussed above will work like a charm. But in this case, you must also be careful to maintain consistency in implementing these strategies.

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