Smartphone and tablet ownership on the rise in Australia

A range of statistics now confirm that smartphone and tablet ownership in Australia, like most other international markets, is very high and ever increasing. “The Web and Mobile, June 2012” by Yahoo!7 has revealed that people use devices that go with the content they would like to consume. As a matter of fact, tablets and smartphones are complementing each other while serving various purposes.

Research firms for Yahoo!7 have conducted 2 other studies that agreed with the findings by AIMIA. The study has, however, found that almost half the participants reported their mobile phone use stayed the same because of buying a tablet, no matter what the purpose is- banking, email, entertainment, information, web browsing or purchasing.

SMARTPHONE Ownership76% in 2012
84% in 2013
TABLETOwnership40% in 2012
70% in 2013

Source: AIMIA. The Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index. Oct 2012

Usage and perception of mobile devices

The research conducted by Yahoo!7 has also found that Australians have different perceptions of the devices (smartphone, tablet and computer) they use. And this trend is said to be influential in choosing the device to access and consume content.


Considered to be the most convenient of all the devices, smartphone is carried by Australians almost all the time. They access their smartphones from any corner of the country, anytime. People in Australia use smartphone mainly for:

  • Email
  • News
  • Social networking
  • Weather
  • Sport and
  • Calendar

Common perceptions of a Smartphone

  • The device is an extension of the body
  • The device is organizational
  • It is easy to use
  • Smartphone is personal
  • It has impulsive usage
  • And it is addictive!


Tablet devices are considered to be an entertainment device. The common uses of tablets are:

  • Video streaming
  • Playing games
  • Deeper social networking
  • Shopping research
  • The device is also shared among family members

Common Perception of a Tablet

  • Tablet is a shared device
  • It is a wind-down  device
  • It is less accessible as it costs high
  • A great source of entertainment!


On the other hand, desktops and laptops are viewed as the most reliable device for longer tasks. Computers are commonly used:

  • For more considered tasks
  • In the workplace
  • In Banks
  • For online buying, where security is a concern
  • For multi tasking

Common Perception of a Computer

  • Computers provide the best user experience
  • They are seen as a safer and more secure device
  • They are more involved
  • Computers are used when you really have to

source: Yahoo!7 Time of Day Research. 2012

The research study also showed that smartphone usage stays consistent throughout the day while tablets are used more frequently during the evening. People use the Internet the most when at work.

How Australians Consume Content

Although there is some common content that Australians access on all kinds of devices at different times of the day, there is a clear trend that shows people access some specific content at certain times of the day.

Smartphone is the first thing that people grab and use when they wake up in the morning. Before going to work Australians keep using the smartphone and the computer while multitasking.

For those who use public transport, smartphones are what keep them busy. On the way to and from work, people use smartphones for planning their evening and social life.

Evening is the time when people use tablet devices and relax. They use the device mostly to research and make purchases online.

This is obvious that marketers can offer the greatest reach by delivering cross-device advertising. Yahoo!7’s targeting technologies could be a sustainable solution for some marketers and advertisers.

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