One of the reasons why Webfirm MELBOURNE loves WordPress so much is that it is constantly evolving. If you were not aware, WordPress is an Open Source platform, and this means that there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it, evolving it and making it better. Over the past couple of years we have seen vast improvements, so today I would like to give you the heads up on some of the new features that are set to hit us this August in WordPress Version 4.6.

One Click Plugin Installations

Typically when installing a new plugin, you would be redirected to another page that then shows you the installation status. You would then need to click a button to return to where you were. Soon you will be able to click install directly on the plugin page.

WordPress Dashboard Native System Fonts

In a previous update, WordPress change the dashboard to use the same font across all devices (iPhone, desktop, laptops, etc.) while this gave a consistent look across all devices it unfortunately increased the page load time slightly. In a time where 5 seconds can feel like forever, and page speed is everything, the developers have changed this to now use your device’s default system font. The outcome of this means your dashboard will load faster as it will not have to load the font from a third party.

Broken Links

Don’t you hate it when you have written a fantastic blog post, hit published and then discovered that one of the resources you have linked to is going to a 404 not found page? In WordPress 4.6 the visual editor solves this by highlighting your link as red if it is not valid. Now you will have that visual cue that there is an issue before you hit publish.

As usual, these might seem like small updates, but when you are using your website on a daily basis, these slight improvements can save you precious time. Once the WordPress update is ready for you to use, our Melbourne digital marketing agency will roll it out to all our compatible customers.

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