What is Reputation Management?

The Internet is much like many other forms of media namely radio, television and print, except that it is more powerful, widespread, uncontrollable and influential. It has both positive and negative side effects. Among the positive is the fact that anyone can turn into a superstar overnight with just a single video or any heroic deed posted online. Whereas the negative, can destroy anyone’s reputation with the blink of an eye . In a nutshell, it can take a weeks, moths or years to build a reputation on the Internet, but it can only take minutes to bring it down. For a regular person, this may not be such a big a deal, but for people who bank on their popularity such as actors, brands, businessmen, politicians and other public figures, Internet exposure and reputation is everything and they very well know that this can make or break them.

The explanation above is the reason for the existence of an Internet marketing tool known today as Reputation Management. It is known as the act of tracking down all of the opinions and information that are on the web about that person and how other people react to it. It is the job of a reputation management team to push down all the negative information about a person, company, product, brand, service or other entities that they are building the reputation of. The main idea is to focus on the positive publicity and make them reach the top spots when the entity’s name is being searched for in search engines. The main rationale is to push down all the negative output on the latter pages of the search results so they will be neglected and will have lower probability in being exposed to the public even further.

Reputation management is very important, especially to businesses that need to keep everything in a positive light, so that their reputation will not be tarnished. With that, a lot of Internet marketing companies nowadays offer online reputation management services, they have their own manager when it comes to the write-ups that pop about them on the web. These reputation management services are considered pure gold for those who want to keep a solid status about themselves and build their reputation up, as it is true that the Internet is the new generation media that can make or break your company or career.

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Image credit Eliminate Bad Reviews on Flickr