As a Search Engine Optimisation company, we often get asked “Can you guarantee me results?” or “Company XYZ has promised me a position on page 1 of Google for this term, can you?”. The short answer is no… we can’t.

As a consumer, we want you to be very cautious about believing specific guaranteed SEO results, for the following reasons:

1. We do not control the results, search engines control the results.

Webfirm apply the latest SEO techniques that are used and approved by the online marketing industry – and while we’d love to be able to say that we have a partnership with Google, NO search engine optimisation company does. Otherwise Google wouldn’t be Google.

Please be aware of companies that promise you specific results, because if they do, chances are that they’ll be using black hat strategies which are temporary at best, or at worst could be potentially harmful to your long term business strategy.

One example of this is to get you ranking on search terms that aren’t being used by your consumer.

Eg. Getting a client ranking well on a 10 worded phrase such as “If I were a dog I would want this kennel” instead of “dog kennels Australia


2. Nothing is the online world permanent.

Achieving rankings is one thing, staying there is another; there are no bricks and mortar cementing your online storefront in any search engine. SEO is ongoing process that takes time and with the Internet is constantly changing, so are search engine algorithms. 10 years ago, Google barely existed, now it rules the online world.  Who knows where Facebook will be at their 10-year birthday?

So remember, it’s not all about SEO

Having SEO is essential to any online marketing mix and getting top spot in Google does increase your chances of success, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will guarantee it. SEO helps to get people to your site, but it’s your proposition that has to convert them. You need to also focus on ways to get them to buy from you.

While of course you want certain guarantees relating to satisfaction and customer service when you invest money in your website (as you would in any other form of business) very specific SEO results should never be guaranteed. Website traffic and lead generation predictions can be made, but what needs to be considered is that the Search Engines changes their algorithms all the time, not to mention other external factors can play a roll in traffic numbers for any website.

What Webfirm does guarantee is that we will provide you with the best (and up to date) SEO service available and do everything in our power to get you the best rankings possible.

Image credit Vishraval on Wikimedia